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Chipping Basics for Fewer Putts
Setting yourself up for the one putt

How many times have you dropped a shot just shy of the green? How many times have you hit a sweet chipshot only to watch the ball roll off the other side of the green? It's a shame to waste a beautiful approach shot with a poor chip. Perhaps the following tips can help you improve your chipshot and decrease your putts at the same time.

A chipshot usually takes place anywhere from 1 inch to 10 feet off the green...any farther than that and the ball will have to fly in the air too far for it to be considered a chip.

There are five factors to making a successful chip shot around the green:

1) Aim the blade where you want the ball to land.
2) Position the ball directly in front of your right toe.
3) Place 95% of your weight on your left foot and keep it there at all times during the stroke.
4) Push your hands forward towards the front of your left thigh to form a lower case "y" between your club, hands, and arms.
5) Keep this "y" intact at all times and sweep the club low back and through the ball.

If you do these things then your body will naturally force the club to hit the ball on the descending blow...thereby decreasing your chances of hitting behind the ball.

The only way to get in trouble with this style is to allow the "y" to break down at any time during the swing or allowing your weight to leave your left foot and float back into your right side. If either of these things happen, you may hit behind the ball and either launch or snub a shot.

The chip shot should require no wrist action, because if there is even the slightest bit of movement, you will be adding loft to the blade when you hit the ball. Making this mistake could cause the ball to fly high and far...resulting in major directional and distance problems around the green.
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