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Golf Etiquette on the Green
Tips for the well-mannered golfer

When playing golf you are expected to have proper etiquette and to play by the rules. Good golfers will not only play honestly, but they will respect their fellow players and the game. There are certain areas that you must demonstrate appropriate behavior on the golf course, including checking-in, starting the hole, hitting from the fairway, putting and honest score-keeping. While teaching you how to be the most polite golfer on the course is out of the scope of this article, here are some basic points of etiquette to follow every time you are on the green.

  • The person farthest from the flag plays first.
  • Do not remove the flag until all players are on the green.
  • Mark and pick up your ball if it's in the path of another player's shot.
  • Stand back from your mark or ball in a place that is out of the line-of-sight of others while they putt.
  • Do not move or talk while others are putting.
  • Walk all the way around the outside of other's marks and balls.
  • Do not walk or stand on other players' lies.
  • If your putt stops near the hole, ask the other players for permission to putt out.
  • Once everyone is done, check for clubs lying around the area then quickly move off the green and on to the next hole before recording scores.
  • If you're ever in doubt of what's considered proper or polite, ask the players you're with for clarification or for their preference.

Remember, if you treat the golf course and other players with courtesy, you will be shown the same respect.
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