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Fearing the Easy Putt
Three-footers leaving you nervous and gun-shy?

The ball sits three feet from the cup...a gimme when you're putting alone. But now there is a crowd around you...three sets of eyes almost burning into your club. How can you overcome the nervousness and fear of choking the shot?

Understand that when putting under pressure, even good putters can run into trouble. Fortunately, this "freeze" is most likely an easy fix. In most cases, the reason for trouble can be attributed to unnecessary body movement during the course of the putting stroke.

Overcoming the fear of the short putt actually begins on the practice green. With this in mind, practice this length putt with emphasis placed on keeping the entire body perfectly still except for the hands, arms, and shoulders. This sounds easy, but if you are guilty of the above 'unnecessary body movement', you'll be surprised at how much concentration is needed to keep the body still during a "hand, arms and shoulder" putting stroke.

A Few Ideas
With short putts, don't place too much emphasis on the variations in grass, terrain, and moisture. Instead, concentrate on your line, eyes, balance and pendulum-like swing. Most importantly, do not be tempted to experiment with your position or mechanics in hopes of turning yourself into a  "putting machine".

By keeping your smaller swings as similar as possible to your full ones you'll be trying to produce basically the same motion for every single swing. The only true variations then become the precise amount of energy necessary for that specific shot, and the swing size through which you can most efficiently both generate and direct that energy.

If you do miss a couple putts that you felt you should have made, the tendency to tinker will arise. Don't do it! The chances of this working are slim at best. Nobody makes them all, so just accept a botched putt as a rare mistake. The best way to become a good short-putter is to simply stick to a single style that you're comfortable with.

Should you experience a slump in your putting, head to the practice green for the purpose of re-establishing confidence in your stroke, rather than changing it. It takes consistency to become a better putter...not new methods. Changing your stroke will only result in the need for you to start practicing all over again.
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